Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Downtown Boston

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Downtown Boston

As a Board certified psychiatrist I treat problems related to mood, anxiety and worry, stress and relationships, psychological trauma, alcohol and substance use, behavior and attention. As a psychotherapist trained in classical as well as emerging therapies, I treat these problems while considering a person’s life experiences, character traits and behavioral patterns.  I work together with a patient to understand the biological, psychological, personal and social aspects of their symptoms, conduct differential diagnosis and identify treatment goals, and arrive at an appropriate treatment.

I might recommend short or long term therapy, cognitive behavioral or psychoanalytic approach. In the process of classical therapy a strong therapeutic relationship and ongoing re-evaluation of behavioral, relational and emotional patterns help clients understand and hopefully correct the sources of their difficulties and psychological distress.  Alternatively, I may suggest cognitive or behavioral approach, where corrective experiences of changed thoughts, physiological and emotional symptoms lead to resolution of many anxiety and possibly mood disorders.  Lifestyle improvements and coping skill building are also addressed in the course of treatment.

Making changes in one’s life is enormous. Cognitive behavioral theory postulates that even small shifts in one’s thoughts and actions can have widespread positive effects on one’s life. These small changes can then build on themselves to progressively improve one’s emotional well-being over time. Clinical research has supported this approach to treatment unequivocally.

I might recommend medications to alleviate serious or prolonged symptoms and to alleviate suffering and distress caused by emotional or psychological problem.  Medications are an invaluable tool of evidence-based medicine;   they can significantly improve a person’s life and function, especially where the benefits of a medication outweigh possible side effects. We may therefore consider medications as well as other therapeutic alternative and holistic medicine options.